ММВБ 3 385 -1,4%  Nasdaq 13 598 1,0%  Биткойн 49 940 0,6%  USD/RUB 73,5067 0,0% 
РТС 1 446 -0,7%  S&P500 3 925 1,1%  Нефть 67,2 -0,1%  EUR/RUB 89,4680 0,1% 
Dow 31 962 1,4%  FTSE100 6 659 0,5%  Золото 1 796 -0,5%  EUR/USD 1,2167 0,0% 

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ANN Nomura
ANN Nomura
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Профиль ANN Inc Cash And Stock Settlement

At ANN INC., They GET WOMEN. Real women live ever more complicated lives. They juggle more activities, play more roles and carry more expectations. But what women value is what they have always valued: connecting with others, making smart choices, looking and feeling great. Living life fully means women choose to play all their roles with confidence and style. That is why they are here. For more than half a century, they have evolved with the needs of real women who live full, active lives. Their values are her values. They get that a woman expresses herself through what she wears – at work, at home and at play. To meet her needs, they design pieces for her life and her changing roles to help her look and feel confident and beautiful. They create rich experiences that connect with her wherever she is, inspire her style and simplify her choices. ANN associates are committed to and driven by a simple but profound mission – ‘to inspire and connect with their clients to put their best selves forward every day’. This is evident in their great brands as well as in their commitment to operating their business responsibly and thoughtfully. This commitment means that their clients can look great and feel great about the clothes they wear, and it means that as a business they are holding their selves to high standards. It means forging strong partnerships with their suppliers so that products are made ethically. It means investing in new programs and innovation to minimize their impact on the environment. And it means making meaningful contributions to their communities. ANN’s rich heritage dates to 1954, when founder Richard Liebeskind opened his first shop called Ann Taylor. Back then, “Ann Taylor” represented a best-selling dress style that had been gifted to the storeowner by his father. The “Ann Taylor” design embodied the well-dressed woman, and the legacy was born. By 1983, Ann Taylor had grown from a regional brand to a national brand with 47 stores across the United States.

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Рыночная капитализация (RUB)
Акции в свободном обращении (%)
Объём выпуска 45,99
Денежный поток/акцию в национальной валюте
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