Bolsa de Valores de Colombia
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10 820,00 COP -60,00 COP -0,55 %
Время 15:00 Дата 14.07.2020
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Минимум 0,00 Пред. закр. 10 820,00
Макс. 52 нед. 12 440,00 Объём (Штук) 0
Мин. 52 нед. 8 000,00 Рыночная капитализация (RUB)
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Профиль Bolsa de Valores de Colombia

Bolsa de Valores de Colombia SA engages in the organization, regulation, administration, and operation of commercial establishments designed to carry out trades of all kinds of assets and securities of stock market transactions. It operates through the following segments: Capital Market, Issuers, Knowledge and Information, Technology and Innovation, Post-Trading, and Other Revenue. The Capital Market segment includes the management and administration of stock market transactions and information; managing the fixed income, equity and standardized derivatives markets; and managing the exchange market. The Issuers segment facilitates access for the Colombian market's issuers to funding through debt issuances and stock issuances, and facilitates the process of selling shareholdings in buyout processes. The Knowledge and Information segment supplies information for the valuation of investments, additional price provision services, valuation of companies, supply and licensing of market information to vendors, and education services. The Technology and Innovation segment provides services of consulting, implementation of core banking, test manufacturing and software development, mainly for companies of the financial and stock market sector through the intermediary, Sophos Banking Solutions. The Post-Trading segment offers custody, transaction, clearing, and settlement. The Other Revenue segment includes other possible segments that do not comply with the thresholds defined by the IFRS. The company was founded on April 17, 2001 and is headquartered in Bogota, Colombia.

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Акции в свободном обращении (%) 73,41
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Страна Колумбия
Bolsa de Valores de Colombia Цена и объём - 1 Год - CLB
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Дивиденд - 540,00 -
Дивидендная Доходность (%) - 4,99 -
Коэффициент цена/прибыль - 19,50 12,58
Прибыль на акцию 595,00 555,00 859,86

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Bolsa de Valores de Colombia 10 820,00

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07/14/2020 01:00:00 AM UTC+0300
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10 840,00 3 224
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10 840,00 4 807
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10 740,00 5 337