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Профиль CCK Financial Solutions Limited

CCK has over 35 years of specialization in treasury and capital markets, with extensive expertise in treasury system design, development, implementation, consultancy and support services. Established in Perth Australia, CCK now has offices in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Jakarta and Shanghai. Guava is their 3rd Generation of Systems, so designed to handle the challenges for financial institutions in Asia. Their team comprises highly skilled financial and software professionals with an in-depth and diverse knowledge of the global financial markets covering dealing, risk management, operations, accounting and data technology to ensure Guava customers gain a rapid return on their investment. They support clients through their 24 x 7 help desk which is serviced by a skilled team that importantly has financial markets experience as well as in-depth knowledge of each of the Guava modules that ensures both an understanding of the business issues as well as a rapid resolution process.

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