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Профиль DCA Group Ltd Shs

DCA Group is listed on the ASX with the code DVC. DCA is focused on health and aged care businesses which are underpinned by attractive industry fundamentals. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, DCA operates businesses in the areas of diagnostic imaging under the I-Med Network and residential aged healthcare through DCA Aged Healthcare / Amity Group and Guardian Healthcare Group. DCA's purpose is to build a health and aged care company that fulfils its duty of care to patients and residents and its duty to increase shareholder value in an enduring way. DCA's business model is based on having the right people, the right systems and the right infrastructure in place to improve the health and wellbeing of patients and residents in a productive and satisfying way. With approximately $2,368 million in total assets and over 7,500 employees at 30th June 2006, DCA is a major player in the health and aged care sectors. They now have the scale and financial resources to be at the forefront of medical advancements in patient care, technology change and support systems. Their people are critical to the successful execution of their growth strategies - so they're committed to recruiting the best people and retaining them. They look for people with spirit and intelligence to manage and implement their long term plans. Only by investing in and nurturing the future of their clinicians, nurses and support staff can they implement their plan to be the best care provider, the best employer and the best performing investment for their shareholders. They have the experience, information systems, access to capital, and the doctors and staff in place to continue delivering quality healthcare and increase shareholder value.

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