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Профиль EVRY ASA

As one of the largest IT companies in the Nordics, EVRY provides very extensive deliveries to Nordic companies, financial institutions, national public sector entities, municipalities and health authorities. EVRY is the force behind a whole range of innovations that have transformed and simplified the way people access services across society. Over 4 million Nordics use services delivered by EVRY each day. Throughout the day and night, people are logging into online banking, retrieving important work documents or just checking the timetable for the next train home. EVRY has many customers in both the public and private sectors including such names as DNB, Telenor, Norway Post, Sparebank 1 Group, Statoil, Hydro, Storebrand, Gjensidige, Handelsbanken, Trondheim municipality and the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. The digital revolution means that people are making use of new on-line services in ever more areas. This means that they can access information, buy goods and services or use public sector services at any time that suits us. EVRY makes this possible, which means that we are helping to change daily life and the working day for many people. We believe that the digital revolution is creating new ways of doing business and changing the competitive environment in many markets. Tasks and services that used to be delivered manually are now automated and digitized. EVRY has so far seen only the beginning of what can be created by the powerful combination of new technology. EVRY have built an organization that can respond to local challenges but at the same time is as flexible and effective as a large international company. EVRY offers the best solutions not only for large and complex customers but also for smaller companies looking for standard off-the-shelf products. EVRY's ability to make use of their local knowledge while at the same time delivering the benefits of our international resources places us in a unique position where innovation and renewal benefit their customers and their end-users. Continually expanding use of technology, higher levels of IT skills among the population in general and the widespread digitization of society means that users have higher expectations for the solutions they use. EVRY will not be content with just being the biggest company. Technology is not just about data, it is part of people’s lives. EVRY works every day to deliver what our business vision promises: Embrace infinite opportunities. EVRY has 10.000 employees and has a local presence in 50 towns and cities across the Nordic countries, with particular emphasis on Norway and Sweden. In addition, EVRY owns businesses in India and the Ukraine that contribute significant deliveries to Nordic customers in addition to providing services to customers in other European countries and in the USA.

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Объём выпуска 369,30
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Волатильность за 60 дней 14,04
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