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iAM Capital is a global investment firm. They specialise in sourcing, structuring, and executing on opportunistic investments during both stable and volatile markets. They offer investors the prospect of superior returns not typically available through traditional funds. Their real estate investments include carefully selected properties in Milan and Rome, Italy, Paris, France, and Miami, Florida. They consistently invest together with local partners who contribute their own funds and who proactively manage and monitor performance on the ground. Through a sophisticated understanding of local markets, creative structured financing, investments in select distressed assets in recovering markets, and setting pre-defined achievable exist strategies under a variety of scenarios, they have generated attractive returns and endeavour to continue to do so. iAM Capital arranged and participated in the equity financing, sourced and negotiated third-party mezzanine financing, and consolidated senior debt financing on significantly more favourable terms. They also explore and participate in other opportunities as they arise.

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ISIN GB0004602628

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