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Профиль New Flyer Industries Inc

New Flyer Industries is a manufacturer of heavy-duty buses in the U.S. and Canada. Offering the broadest line of transit vehicles, they have secured their strong position by providing reliable transportation solutions that meet the needs of today while anticipating the needs of tomorrow. Known for breaking new ground with the first low-floor bus, the first diesel-electric bus and most recently, the world’s first zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell fleet, they remain dedicated to innovation and excellence as they provide customers with a wide range of products such as clean-running, fuel-efficient hybrid buses; zero-emission electric trolleys; buses with alternative fuels, like hydrogen and CNG and clean diesel buses. Their products put us on the map. Quality and innovation keep us ahead. Starting in 1930 as a five-person operation known as Western Auto & Truck Body Builders Ltd., New Flyer has grown to an international organization of over 2,200 highly-skilled people dedicated to planning, producing and servicing the industry’s most reliable heavy-duty transit vehicles. To ensure consistent and dependable delivery of their industry-leading products and services, New Flyer operates manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, MB; Crookston, MN; and St. Cloud, MN, with sales and service representatives located throughout Canada and the US. Their Aftermarket Organization operates distribution centers in Winnipeg, MB; Brampton, ON; Erlanger, KY; Fresno, CA; and a service center in Arnprior, ON. New Flyer continues to lead by example as they strive for a better product, a better workplace and a better world. Their customers are proud to know that their earth-friendly products are made in a responsible way, which includes giving their employees a safe and healthy place to work and taking steps to minimize their impact on the environment. They believe that manufacturing products that are built to last means forming solid and enduring customer relationships. This is evident every step of the way: from their first discussions about the unique needs of a prospective buyer; to quality assurance with their customers during production; to aftermarket support. It’s how they build a better product and provide better support for their customers.

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Объём выпуска 443,79
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