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SHFL Entertainment Deutsche Bank Securities
SHFL Entertainment ROTH Capital Partners, LLC
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Профиль SHFL Entertainment Inc Cash Settlement At USD 23.25 A Sh

SHFL entertainment, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets technology-based products for the gaming industry. It operates its business through four segments: Utility, Proprietary Table Games, Electronic Table Systems and Electronic Gaming Machines. The Utility segment develops products for licensed casino operators that enhance table game speed, productivity, profitability and security. Utility products include various models of automatic card shufflers to suit specific games, as well as deck checkers, and roulette chip sorters. This segment also includes its i-shoe auto card reading shoe that gathers data and enables casinos to track table game play and its i-Score baccarat viewer that displays current game results and trends. The Proprietary Table Games segment consists of proprietary table games that enhance its casino customers' and other licensed operators' table game operations. Products in this segment include its internally developed and acquired proprietary table games, side bets, add-ons and progressives as well as its newly introduced online gaming products, which feature online versions of its table games, social gaming and mobile applications. Its proprietary content and features are also added to public domain games such as poker, baccarat, pai gow poker, craps and blackjack table games and to electronic platforms such as table master, vegas star and i-table. The Electronic Table Systems segment consists of various products involving popular table game content using e-Table game platforms. Its primary ETS products are i-table, table master, vegas star and rapid table games. Its i-table platform combines an electronic betting interface with a live dealer and live cards or a live wheel that is designed to improve game speed and security while reducing many operating expenses associated with live tables. Its table master and vegas star products feature a virtual dealer which enables the company to offer table game content in both traditional gaming markets and in markets where live table games are not permitted, such as some racinos, video lottery and arcade markets. Like the i-table, its rapid table games product enables the automation of certain components of traditional table games such as data collection, placement of bets, collection of losing bets and payment of winning bets combined with live dealer and game outcomes. The Electronic Gaming Machines segment develops and delivers its video slot machines into markets including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Mexico and parts of South America. It offers a selection of video slot titles developed as stand-alone units or as linked progressive machines. In addition to selling the full EGM complement, it sells software conversion kits that allow existing EGM terminals to be converted to other games that operate on the current PC4 operating platform. In addition, it continues to develop a popular range of games utilizing the Pink Panther brand, under license from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. SHFL entertainment was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.

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