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Dectron Internationale IncShs - Профиль

Dectron, the largest of the subsidiaries, was incorporated in 1977 to develop, manufacture and market standard and custom design dehumidification equipment. After extensive research and development, Dectron introduced a line of indoor pool and commercial dehumidifiers under its DRY-O-TRON-TM- trademark. The product line has experienced tremendous success in North America and as a result has allowed the Company to become, in the opinion of management, the leader in North America's indoor pool dehumidification business. Management believes that the Company is now one of North America's leading manufacturers of dehumidification and closed looped energy recyclers. Dectron's standard products are now primarily manufactured by ThermoPlus. As a result, Dectron focuses its own manufacturing operations on the manufacture of its customized dehumidification systems. Management believes that the customized product market is where the Company's competitive advantage is most evident. Ordinarily, with a customized product, it is often very difficult to commit to an aggressive delivery date for the finished product. However, since the Company manufactures many of the component parts in-house, it is able to commit to an aggressive delivery schedule. The Company has taken the necessary steps to align itself with several suppliers of its raw materials so that it is not dependent on any one supplier. In addition, the Company keeps in storage a sufficient inventory of raw material to supply its immediate needs. Some of the Company's customized product customers include Celebration City, Walt Disney World in Florida and the Goodwill Games which were held in Atlanta, Georgia.




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